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Jennifer Freed: The Cat’s Meow!

Greetings all,

What a great show this week with best-selling author Jennifer Freed, PhD. Jennifer joined me on Life Shifting with Dr J to share about her new book: Life Lessons from Stanley the Cat–Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom. Filled with beautiful illustrations, potent and inspiring information, this book will touch your heart, open your mind, and activate your soul (even if you’re not a cat lover!).

wild, wistful...and wise

Jennifer has done a marvelous job of reflecting on her 19 year-long relationship with her beloved pet, and distilled into this compact book all the wise and wonderful teaching he passed on to her–about life, love, catching rays, rats, and the all-important NAP.

Seriously, this book is easy to digest, comes in small, well-articulated morsels…and is quite profound. As a psychotherapist and depth psychologist, Jennifer knows how to dig below the surface and scratch at the core of our human foibles–with a non-judgmental stance, tons of compassion, and a touch of humor. Much of what Jennifer gleaned from her nine-lived Stanley–and that she shared in the book and with me on the show–is about REMEMBERING the little things that matter most in life:

–Take time to DO NOTHING
(only in quiet repose, can the seeds of your creativity be watered)

High Productivity

–Take time to rest, relax and stretch
(the body is your true home, without it you’d be pretty lost!)

Learn from the best!

–Reach out to TOUCH someone when they are in pain
(sometimes all we humans really need is a HUG and a little caress)

–Eat what your body needs…and leave the rest for the dog
(you can only digest SO MUCH…so don’t be greedy!)

–Spit up instead of swallowing bad food or bad feelings (it is good to purge the system once in a while!)

And so on…

As we approach the holidays and maybe feel a bit revved up with a long to-do list of parties, shopping, travel plans and the like…it is quite easy to get lost in the whirlwind of busy-ness and forget to BE PRESENT, to actually ENJOY the moment(s)…of each day.

what matters most?

I hope you will find time in your busy schedule to download and listen to Jennifer’s wonderful stories (click here) about how this cool new book came into being. Listen deeply as she shares the wisdom passed on by her beloved pet (who passed away recently after 19 years). You’ll definitely want copies of this book for Xmas gifts…and you may just find yourself curled up in front of the fire, nuzzling your dog, cat or significant other, perusing this book…and sailing softly into dreamland…with a smile.

Many thanks to Jenn! Her book deserves a special spot on your gift list…right next to SHIFT: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear! (shameless self promotion, I know…but hey, SHIFT would make a super holiday gift for someone in need of a life-shift, or a lift…and a GIFT!!!


Dr J


Life Shifting Re-cap: De-toxify Your Life!

Well…it has been a week since the big first step into the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Black Friday. How did it go? Did you have your fill of food, fun…and family? Did you do the cyber-shopping thing this year or get up and out at 5am and storm down to the mall? I was in an outlet mall on Friday afternoon and I have to say it seemed surprisingly tame and calm. Surreal almost. The people there did seem to be in good spirits. It was nice to see smiles and sales…a nice combo!

Since we’re entering another holiday season, when many of us re-connect with loved ones with anxiety-producing results, I invited “Goddess Coach” Melissa Zwanger to join me this week on my radio show, Life Shifting with Dr J!

Melissa is an expert in helping women entrepreneurs and business leaders/owners take their organizations to greater heights of success…AND she is what I would call a “fitness trainer for the emotions”. Melissa specializes in helping people stay grounded, centered, and compassionate in even the most stressful of family situations.

The perfect guest to help me kick off this holiday season, Melissa comes armed with years of training in a whole host of healing modalities, and an MBA from Wharton. Melissa shared her top tips for “de-toxifying” your emotional self especially when confronted with difficult family members.

Here’s a quick summary of the steps Melissa recommended you take — should you get triggered once again by that curmudgeon uncle, a testy brother or judgmental mom:

1. identify the true feeling.

Key to cleansing, grounding and re-claiming your balance when you get knocked off center, is to step back, breathe, notice your bodily symptoms, and attempt to identify the true feeling. It may be sadness or anger or frustration. The starting point for release and re-centering involves creating a space–a physical, emotional, mental opening–even if only for a few seconds, where you can identify and tend to the underlying feeling.

Calm in the storm?

2. Separate the Feeling from the NEED.

Once you have a sense of WHAT feeling is being triggered in you, then you can begin to re-frame the situation and ask yourself a crucial question: What do I need right now? When strong negative emotions are stirred up in us, usually they are a signal that a deep need or maybe a hurt or trauma from the past is re-surfacing. It is well nigh impossible though, to ask another person to be supportive, or to change their behavior, unless you are CLEAR about what you want/need to have happen. Continue reading

Sadie, Sadie, Beautiful Lady!

This week I rocked-out on the radio with my mentor, celebrity yoga teacher, Sadie Nardini! A very wise and wonderful woman, Sadie was my first — and remains my favorite — yoga instructor. Since the time, only a few short years ago, when I stepped gingerly on the mat, Sadie has gone on to fame and fortune as a highly sought after writer, speaker and yogi. She is a world traveling retreat leader these days, with a slew of YouTube videos, DVD’s, and a best-selling book–Road Trip Guide to the Soul–so it was quite an honor to have her join me on Life Shifting with Dr J!

The theme of the show–Living Fierce!–is Sadie’s mantra for connecting deeply to the fire of life energy and love that exists within us all. I hope you will take the time to download this show and listen in to the wise words of this amazing teacher and role model. Just click here on this link–http://transformationtalkradio.com/meet_shows.php?id=3992 and you can play the show in realtime or download to your Iphone or Ipod through Itunes!

Sadie was and is a special teacher for me. She was one of the first people to read — and endorse (her quote’s on the cover!) — my book and it was her gentle, persuasive and powerful movement that helped me re-claim the energy of my body, and cure my lower back pain! She taught me how the body is a perfect mirror of our heart, mind and soul–thus pointing the way for me to integrate physical practices — yoga and meditation techniques — into my six step “Life-Shifting Method” for moving through fear and getting your life in gear.

Hear are a few of the wise words Sadie shared with me during our interview Continue reading

Dancing on the High Wire of Life

Howdy all,

Time for a re-cap of my fabulous radio interview with Gabriele Ganswindt this past Monday on Life Shifting with Dr J. Such a cool conversation! Gabriele, psychologist and executive coach extraordinaire, is an expert on two of my favorite “Life-Shifting” themes: finding balance…and building resiliency in challenging times! A most timely topic no? You can listen to the full interview or download to Itunes/podcast with this link: http://www.transformationtalkradio.com/meet_shows.php?id=3991#

So here is your key question: HOW DO WE DO IT?

What to do?

How do we stay grounded, flexible and adaptable in the midst of what may feel like an “out-of-control” world?

A tough question, needless to say, but Gabriele says, “Don’t despair! There ARE practices and ways of being/thinking that can truly help us stay “on track” and centered, even in the midst of chaos.”

Gabriele knows of what she speaks: She is a successful business owner, a mother to two young children, a homemaker, a philanthropist, a writer, an ordained interfaith minister, an organization development consultant and life coach…and a survivor of a life-threatening illness. Continue reading

Life Shifting with Dr J: A Voice of Hope

All I can say is…Wow!

Despite a few technical glitches — we worked out the kinks and I had an amazing conversation this week on Life Shifting with Dr J–with my special guest, Dr Michael Picucci! If you missed our talk, here’s the link to play online or download:http://transformationtalkradio.com/meet_shows.php?id=3961

I was so excited to reconnect with my longtime friend and mentor, Dr Michael Picucci, at a recent showing of a great new documentary, “2010: A Time For change.” If you haven’t seen this film yet, make haste to a screening. It is a beautiful testament to WHAT’S POSSIBLE as humans finally wake up from the “trance” of industrial capitalism and a new awareness emerges–an awareness of the interconnection between humans and ALL life on the planet we call home.

In our interview, Michael shared with me his new-found optimism about humanity at this time of great change. He reflected on his thirty year healing journey and pointed to the emergence of a new “age of wisdom” arising as the free-love, mind expansion experiment of the sixties generation comes full circle. Continue reading

Life Shifting with Dr J: Recap!

Howdy all,

So excited to report that my radio show on Transformation Talk Radio is humming along! Reaching amazing new numbers of listeners each week! Have you been tuning in? Every Monday at 5pmEST on WBLQ 1230 am radio in New England and “live” (or download) at www.transformationtalkradio.com. Click on “November” and you can play or download this show to your MP3 player or Itunes.

Last week I had a great show that re-kindled the “sleepy entrepreneur” in me: From Ho-Hum to Outrageous! Transformational Business Strategies from the Inside Out! My special guest, Kathie Nelson, is a business strategy consultant and executive coach who has been helping people start businesses and increase sales for twenty years. She was an inspired and eloquent guest–bringing her wisdom and enthusiasm to thousands of listeners all across the country. Wanna know some of her “top tips” for creating an outrageous life? Continue reading

Cool Interview with Lisa Tener –writing coach extraordinaire! check it out!

Every thought about writing a book? Do you have a book in you just dying to climb out of your brain and on to the page?

If so, listen and learn…from my mentor and writing coach Lisa Tener, who recently interviewed me on the experience of GETTING PUBLISHED!

Lisa: Shortly before my second son was born, I worked with Executive Coach Jeffrey Hull on his book concept, helped him think through whether to self-publish or traditionally publish and provided feedback on his writing.

When my second son came along, immersed in mommying, I referred Jeff to a colleague, Lisa Sussman, to help him with his book proposal. Before he sent out the proposal, I weighed in with additional feedback and ideas.

So, it was exciting to get his book Shift: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear in the mail a few weeks ago. I thought of several people who could really use this book and then I thought of my blog community. Wouldn’t you love to hear his story about how he got published and what he learned in the process? Here it is. Continue reading